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I value the simple things in life — like holding my husband's hand and having intentional awkward hugs with those I love most. #bigawkwardhugs

My goal is to live a life like my homeboy Jesus and that one guy who once said... 'it's gettin' hot in herreee' -- you know, Nelly...

Both of whom, have a heart for embracing differences and celebrating the beauty of diversity... they both strive to bridge the gap between people and ultimately unite people from all walks of life!

I find beauty in the smallest of things. I'm weird, an introvert and I laugh at myself... a lot, I also love with all of my heart.... and YOU?!!? Well... you're a sweet little lover hole full of biscuit butter and whether you're here looking for photo or film... coaching or resources -- I'm so glad you're here!

photo + film + podcast host + educator

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