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Brides – I know you have been dreaming of the perfect gown for years… and if you’re more of a tomboy like me — you still have maybe a little idea of what you don’t like at least…

but GUYS… the GROOMS… you just proposed and now she’s asking you ALL THE THINGS…. like WHAT DO YOU WANT TO WEAR… WHAT KIND OF FOOD…. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO ON OUR HONEYMOON…. okay so two of those are probably easy for you…. but maybe not deciding what you want to wear!!!

My friends over at The Black Tux may be exactly what you’re looking for (or didn’t know you were looking for)… They offer stylish suit and tux rentals — grooms.. y’all deserve to look SMOKIN’ hot too on your big day!!!!

The Black Tux EVEN allows you to keep track of your groomsmen and their orders — I remember always asking my husband, Chase, if he had gotten any updates from the guys… man this helps SO much!!! AND they even allow you to try on your selections for FREE!!!

You don’t have to continue renting from companies that treat you like transactions and only offer you traditional suits/tuxes — let’s up the game a little… they legit have some amazing collections!!!

Brides…. I know most Grooms SAY they don’t ‘care’ — but trust me… they DO … and they WANT to look good!!!! If you’re having a hard time deciding what he should wear based on YOUR dress style… check out this style guide from The Black Tux!!! SO helpful!!!

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