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ahhhh — i wanted to hop on really fast and share THREE of my favorite gadgets that are a MUST for my business

first up — THE LEXAR HUB — if you are a wedding photographer…. or a photographer in general who uses a lot of memory cards… this is a MUST… the HUB has shortened my overall editing workflow by HOURS…. hours. hours… hours… I can now upload approximately 6000-7000 images (8-10 memory cards give or take) in around 30 minutes or less!!! THAT is powerful when it comes to working efficiently

second up — speaking of the HUB and memory cards…. what kind of cards are you shooting with?!?!!? If you don’t have a fast read/write speed, you could be missing important shots!!! Have you ever been shooting — maybe not even shooting quickly — and noticed that your camera was ‘frozen’… or there was a red light on the back side of the camera… that means your memory card is reading/writing information regarding your photo… aka you’re shooting too fast for your card!!! the faster your card — the quicker your camera can keep up!!!! i shoot (and love) using  THIS MEMORY CARD — it’s able to keep up with me when I’m chasing the flower girl around on the wedding day!!! the difference between a slow memory card and a fast memory card is SO obvious once you’ve tried them both!!!!

third up — our team has a wedding today…. anndddd it’s raining…. but one thing i always have on hand… CLEAR ROUND UMBRELLAS — do you know that by simply being prepared on the wedding day can reduce your bride’s stress by 1 million percent… i totally made that up — but generally speaking, it’s so true! figure out the average number of folks in the wedding party for the weddings you shoot, and stock up on some of these umbrellas — your couples will thank you!!!

bonus gadget — one thing that tags along with me at every wedding?!?!?! THIS VIDEO LIGHT — it’s SO ridiculously affordable and this bad boy comes in handy at EVERY wedding… i’m able to level up my detail shots just by having this little guy — check out some of these detail shots from recent weddings!!!!

video light – camera left

shooting through a gold sparkle ribbon (that i brought)

with the ring placed on the bride’s shoes on a mirrored gold plate

wedding rings, wedding details, bridal details

video light – camera left

covered porch with shuttered windows – camera right

video light – camera left

bracelet behind the rings on a gold plate

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