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three benefits of having a second shooter

if you follow me over on the gram — then you’ve heard me talking about this recently!!!! it has been a JOY having a team — a reliable… dependable set of creatives that my clients ALSO trust!!!! i’ve been at this whole photography team for quite a while now, ten years to be exact…. and i HAVE made mistakes — and i’ve not done things well…. i didn’t know any better… i’ve had to learn the hard way — and i don’t want that from you! every mistake i’ve made over the years, i’ve used it as an opportunity to grow my business and IMPROVE… and I want to HELP YOU avoid those pitfalls and failures and next level your business


sharon elizabeth photography, benefits of a second shooter

so while there are WAY more than just three, i wanted to share three benefits of having a rock solid second shooter with you on a wedding day….

1) maximizing coverage

strongly believe that multiple cameras are better than one when it comes to photographing a wedding day… so when you have two photographers shooting each event throughout the day… you’re able to offer your couples more than one ‘perspective’ — not only in the sense of a photographer’s ‘vision’ but also in the sense that you can each have a different set of lenses on, offering a technical difference in perspective… one photographer could be using a wide angle lens while the other captures those close crops with a zoom lens…. you could each be standing in different parts of the room/church/reception — shooting at different angles…. offering your clients a vast variety in the images they’re getting… i call this beefing up the gallery!

2) maximizing time

things on the wedding day will go wrong… sorry brides — it’s true… BUT we’re aware of this and do everything we can to minimize the risk that our couples might endure… and one way we minimize their risk, is by having a team on the wedding day…. my favorite example of a second shooter saving the day is when we had FORTY family formals to photograph in addition to romantics and the entire wedding party…. and we didn’t have a ton of daylight remaining…. mind you — i’m a timeline NINJA and create timelines for each of our brides — so the day was scheduled perfectly… but as each wedding would have it, things don’t always go as planned…. and the LAST thing we wanted as the professional photographers, was to keep our couple and the family from their friends at the reception…. SO — my second shooter and i teamed up…. back to back shooting.. and we knocked out ALL 40 family groupings in exactly 20 minutes! we ended up TEN MINUTES EARLY to the reception!!! had i been shooting solo, i 100% know this wouldn’t have gone as smoothly.

3) strengths and weaknesses 

every photographer… (read person) has weaknesses… it’s just a part of life and business… and understanding your own weaknesses will allow you to really understand the type of second shooter YOU need on your team…. not every second shooter will be a great fit for you.. and that’s okay… but KNOWING this will allow you to better serve your clients — because you’ll be able to find the RIGHT shooter — and you two will be able to leverage the strengths of each other — ultimately leading to a stronger set of images for your clients and a smoother wedding day as well!!!

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