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associate emily: how i got started in photography

heyyyyy there Emily here!!! if you’re new around here, i’m the associate photographer for Sharon Elizabeth Photography!!!

i wanted to share a little about “how i got started in photography”…

to give you all a little back story into the life of Emily haha growing up i always wanted to be a lawyer.. or a veterinarian.. or a fighter pilot ( so extreme in alllll my goals LOL but i wanted these for SO many different reasons!) i never once thought i would be where i am at today as a photographer/office manager for Sharon Elizabeth!! i’ve always loveddddd taking my dad’s digital camera outside and taking nature photos… or pictures of my dogs… or family (in the most unflattering angles by the way haha) anything i could snap — but it was never a ‘dream’ of mine to be a photographer… i didn’t even think that was possible.

fast forward to meeting my husband – Andrew (i call him Drew)…. Andrew just so happens to have a sister… and his sisterrrrr is…. Sharon.. When I met Sharon, she was a photographer/armed nuclear officer.. and there was just something about her photos – i loved seeing how SHE saw people and life… i followed her work for a year and a half before I got the courage to apply for a wedding assistant position with her team. I was afraid that because I was married to her brother, I wouldn’t even be considered – and I wasn’t sure how that would “look” to her clients.. but something told me to give it a try!! so I did…

I am so thankful I did because — well… I got the job – and here I am… six years later… being married to her brother wasn’t a fear at all for her…. I was a perfect fit for the #sepgirls!!

I worked my way up from a wedding assistant – to second shooter – to now an associate photographer… I may add – the road was NOT an easy one – even though Sharon may be my “sister” she is one tough cookie (she loveddd oreos – so she’s an oreo cookie without the milk haha) .. but in SO many good ways!

Sharon pushed me when I didn’t think I had it in me.. she gave me the courage that I needed to step out and stand our….  and over the last handful of years, she has given me all the tools to help me grow along the way! she is truly a one of kind coach who genuinely cares and wants her people to GROW in their OWN way and into their full potential!

so from a little digital camera and dogs and trees was how it all began… how I became a professional photographer is mostly because of — sharon.. 🙂

stay tuned for my next blog to find out my “why”  <3

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