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Episode 37 | “Don’t put yourself in a man’s place…”

“Don’t put yourself in a man’s place…”

Trigger Warning: sexual assault, rape, domestic violence

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Today’s heart to heart with Amber Russell is powerful… we are already chatting about when she’ll be back on the podcast for another conversation…  Amber is a mom of 5, a copywriter and storyteller, she’s a photographer and an aspiring author… and as you’ll see in today’s episode… she is a warrior and a beacon of light… I can’t wait for you to hear some of her story…

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[2:03] get to know Amber

[10:52] “jokes take away from the power of the transformation”

[16:42] trigger warning: “10, 11, 12… red used to be my favorite color”

[30:33] trigger warning: sexual assault, rape

[37:00] thoughts on “protecting men’s eyes” and deconstructing church teachings

[57:10] trigger warning: domestic abuse and losing the ability to hear

[1:10] listen instead of always trying to fix and offer advice

[1:15] connect with Amber

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Amber Lea Photography

Copywriting Services

Connect with Amber on Instagram

Breaking Joy Podcast

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National Domestic Violence Hotline

1 800 799 7233 (SAFE)

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“A safe space for all. Open up and discuss real and raw topics with a graceful, purposeful, and meaningful conversation. Sharon’s integrity is obvious and her compassion for others is deeply rooted. A faithful woman following the Lord’s calling and using her gifts – providing room and space for others to share their stories in this way WILL CHANGE LIVES. Give her a listen for a dose of truth, love, and growth all in one episode!” – Amanda

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