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Episode 45 | 8 things I’ve learned from my therapist

8 things I’ve learned from my therapist

after years of trying to find the right fit… i’ve finally found a therapist i feel safe with! finding a good therapist is just like finding a good pair of britches — sometimes you think they’re gonna fit just right, and they end up not even comin’ up over your thighs 😂 in today’s episode, i’m sharing 8 things i’ve learned from my therapist and i hope you’ll be encouraged to keep advocating for yourself on your hunt to finding someone you trust!!!

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Here’s a glance at this episode…

 [3:32] an overview of my diagnoses

[7:00] there is a difference in judging ourselves vs acknowledging our behavior

[8:02] feelings of panic, fear, or anxiety are not caused by the current presence of danger 

[9:18] empathy, understanding, and a deep rooted gratitude can all actually be survival tactics

[10:00] some grounding methods… like meditation and breathe work… can actually be triggers for those who have experienced trauma

[10:32] thinking about your thoughts will only get you so far 

[11:06] you can actually be afraid of happiness

[11:45] feelings anger… and the act of violence… are not the same thing

[13:36] in order to heal… you don’t have to remember every single detail of the experiences you’ve gone through 

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“A safe space for all. Open up and discuss real and raw topics with a graceful, purposeful, and meaningful conversation. Sharon’s integrity is obvious and her compassion for others is deeply rooted. A faithful woman following the Lord’s calling and using her gifts – providing room and space for others to share their stories in this way WILL CHANGE LIVES. Give her a listen for a dose of truth, love, and growth all in one episode!” – Amanda

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