Private Editing

Instead of worrying about all those photos in your Lightroom Catalog that need to be edited or stressing about getting the colors perfect in those dark church photos, what if you could take a walk with your family? Or finally get to those dream projects you’ve been putting off. Maybe you want to take on more clients but can’t because you spend all of your time stuck behind a computer.

With custom client profiles, a 5 day turnaround, feedback and presets created for your brand based on you and your style, let me help you get your life back. 

This isn't just a drop your images off and run kind of experience -- I’m invested in YOU because I care about helping you do more than just deliver images. I care about helping you grow!

You deserve to focus on the things that YOU love -- so let me focus on the things that I love... editing!


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These presets will be based on YOUR stylistic preferences and client profile -- no one else will have these presets!!! 

Want Your Own Presets?

"Anyone can get a reasonably priced preset and their work will look just like everyone else's. I did that for a while, took a preset then made it my own. The problem was it didn't create consistency from event to event.  Sharon changed that. She was detailed in understanding and following my vision and style. She completely blew me away in taking my style and up leveling it to enhance the skin tones and overall vibe of my style. She walked me through her thought process and showed me tips and pointers in Lightroom to cut back on my workload in the back half of editing a wedding. She provided encouragement with tough love to truly grow my style and abilities as a photographer. She is a wealth of knowledge and was able to adjust coloring to really nail my style."


Elizabeth Bargy
Elizabeth FRISKE photography

I had tried a few outsourcers in the past, but with little luck. They started so far off base I didn't know how to tell them what I wanted. The minute I heard Sharon had an opening, I jumped! I showed her my work with a brief description, and she gave me back gold on the first try! She's super responsive, fast, and knows what she's doing!! I'm thrilled with the amount of time she's saving me!! #sharonsthebest

I'm thrilled with the amount of time she's saving me!! #sharonsthebest

Jessie Silva
Schu’s Shoots Photography

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real clients


Outsourcing my editing was the scariest hurdle for my business but hands down my best decision! It not only allows me to return images within ten days of the wedding, but allows me to do the part of my business I love the most...photographing people!! By outsourcing editing it has freed up two days more a week for shooting...thus increasing my income! Sharon worked with me to hone in on consistency and makes the entire process really easy!!

Outsourcing my editing was the scariest hurdle for my business but hands down my best decision!



... Sharon SEES color like I SEE through my lens. The amount of time I NOW SAVE on editing is finally able to be put back into the business and MOST IMPORTANTLY my family. When I started outsourcing to Sharon, my business doubled and I left my day job, moved to a different state with my military husband and I can actually be a Mom and focus on building my business in a new location. The ability to cull and hit a button to send her the images makes breathing a little easier for me when I’m shooting 20+ weddings a year!!!! 

Outsourcing to Sharon has not only helped my business, but it’s saved my life!!!

Amanda Manupella
Amanda Manupella Photography


.40c an image for straightening - cropping - custom color correction
$5.00 an image for basic Photoshop cloning/liquifying
$10.00 + an image for extensive Photoshop post processing

I am not currently accepting new clients. You can check back here for updates on the status of new openings or reach out below!

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