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5 ways to make more money

why is it that everyone is afraid to talk about money…. and i’m totally including myself in that — i’ve never been too afraid to help others tackle pricing and packaging in their business and how to price for profit… BUT i’ve always been so timid and afraid to talk about how much money i make… it feels awkward — and yet, when i see other creatives do it… i shout from the rooftops for them.. i’m so proud of them!!! anybody else?!?!

in an effort to help those of you creative-preneurs increase that bottom line… i thought i’d share 5 ways that i’ve been able to make more money in my business!!!

OFFERS | let’s start with an easy one — but one that’s often overlooked…. make an offer… are you sitting back assuming that everyone knows what it is that you’re offering — ESPECIALLY if you’re fairly new in your business… you have to at least invite your audience in on what it is you’re offering…. you can use canva or easil to create a FREE beautiful jpg/pdf to showcase what it is you’re offering — pro tip, pair that offering with personal stories or content that creates connection to really draw in your audience more authentically… you never want to show up and just sell — but you also need to let your audience know how you can help serve them!!!

TESTIMONIALS | not only does showing up as yourself consistently.. help build trust with your audience… but letting them hear from clients and customers that you’ve served well over the years will 100% help strengthen that trust… if you’re finding that it’s hard to ‘talk about yourself’ on your social media or website… let those you’ve served do that for you!!!

BUILD A TEAM | this likely doesn’t come as a surprise… but you can’t and shouldn’t do it all alone — at first, heck yes… find your ropes and dig in your heels to understand everything it is that needs to get done and to establish systems that work for YOU… but whether it’s now — or soon — you’ll realize that the tasks add up, there’s always more to do and if you start throwing in heart projects and wanting to add additional ways to impact and love on your clients.. you WILL need to hire a team… that may look like – hiring a second shooter… or even a virtual assistant… maybe outsourcing your album design or hiring a CPA… building a team can and will look different for each of us – but there’s no hero award for doing it all by yourself… trust me – i learned that already! you will be able to work on things that propel your business forward when you have someone there to help you!!!

HEART PROJECTS | you know that thing you’ve been wanting to do….. you should go do it — that’s one of my favorite lara casey statements… it’s SO TRUE!!! you don’t have to keep chasing after what you ‘think’ you’re supposed to do… dig deep and start creating space to work on those heart projects — the projects that fuel the fire – that light you up.. THOSE are the business propelling projects that will impact more people AND drive your sales.

ADD MORE VALUE | are you consistently booking out at your current price point?!?! are you serving and impacting those clients well?!?! if so — it may be time to increase those rates… in a reasonably, ideal market approved, value packed way!!! there are so many aspects to consider when increasing your pricing — but i don’t want you to be stuck in FEAR that no one will book you if you DO… i have lost count the number of times i failed to properly grow my business because i was scared no one would find value in my services anymore… thus — not book me.. FALSE… as long as you’re doing your due-diligence in market research — you’ve nailed your ideal client avatar — and you have supply and demand…. increase… easy peasy!!! don’t let fear and self doubt hold you back from getting paid appropriately for your time – you deserve it!!!

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