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10 things wedding photographers wished you knew

10 things your wedding photographer wished you knew

1) your wedding photographer doesn’t need a ‘traditional’ shot list that includes: first kiss, walk down the aisle, etc etc. i would venture to say that if anyone is charging to photograph your wedding, they SHOULD already know the aspects of a wedding that need to be documented (and if not, that’s an entirely different blog post). but submitting a list that includes moments like this can actually make your photographer feel as though you don’t trust them EVEN though they know deep down you’re just excited and showing up as the organized bride that you are. at the end of the day – instead of sending over a list like this, if they haven’t already sent you over an in-depth wedding day questionnaire, you could ask them if they need any shot list requests from you!

2) your wedding photographer has to use the bathroom but they’re afraid you’ll think they aren’t doing their job…. this makes me giggle but it’s so true — wedding photographers feel SO guilty when they finally end up in the bathroom even though they’ve been holding it for 12 hours!!!!

3) your wedding photographer DOES want to know about any specific family dynamics because it allows them to show up informed and not accidentally be ‘disrespectful’ or say something inappropriate… it’s an AWFUL feeling to show up to a wedding having asked for specifics on family dynamics and not know that an important family member has passed away or doesn’t get along with Aunt Sally… and then ask where ‘so and so’ is or put Aunt Sally next to someone she doesn’t get along with. your wedding photographer will take your information to heart and show up in a way that can best serve you and your family if you can be transparent with any specific family situations.

4) your wedding photographer has a hard time sleeping the night before your wedding too whether it’s because they have wedding nightmares of gear not working or missing important moments, or they always get so excited they can’t fall asleep or they’re worried their alarm won’t go off…. your wedding photographer probably has a ‘pre-wedding’ routine and it’s important to them to stick to that before

5) your wedding photographer cares about your friends and family too. your wedding photographer most likely bases his/her overall experience with your wedding day based on how your friends and family treat him/her as well… and this totally includes the other vendors you’ve hired. it’s important for your wedding photographer to not only be a great fit for YOU as a couple but also be a great fit for those that you love and adore includinggggg your vendors… and this is one reason why most photographers have a preferred vendor list. while any professional photographer would never let any outside influences affect how they show up and serve their couple, i can assure you that they at least reflect on how they were treated by EVERYONE involved in the wedding.

6) speaking of those that you love, your wedding photographer wishes that you’d be very thoughtful and intentional in who you allow to stand alongside you… your photographer has probably witnessed countless wedding parties that don’t actually show up for the bride and groom and they’re more focused on themselves and the party… thankfully, our couples have amazing wedding parties that truly love the bride/groom and are invested in the day! praise the good lord!

7) your wedding photographer wants to dance at your reception but they’re worried you’ll think they don’t take their job seriously…. i have to admit though, our teams desire to dance awkwardly at receptions always trumps our fear of being judged! dance on photographers!!!

8) your photographer most likely puts his/her camera down during dinner… i have to be honest, when i first started photographing weddings in 2010 – i didn’t know that guests don’t want to be photographed shoveling food in their mouths… but after a handful of ‘you better not take my picture right now’ looks — i know better now and your photographer likely does too… when you eat dinner, this is when your photographer eats too… and wink wink – finally goes to the bathroom! hahaha!

9) your photographer wants to be involved and while every photographer has different levels of desired involvement, i can assure you that they are invested in YOUR day… so ask for their input and lean on them for guidance, they’re excited to help you.

10) your photographer is so grateful and truly doesn’t know how to tell you that being a part of your wedding day means SO much to him/her…. your wedding photographer – i’m guessing at least 6.2 times – stands in awe of you and your love on your wedding day… s/he probably looks at all of your friends and family gathered around and soaks in the moment. the importance of your day isn’t lost on your wedding photographer.


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