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for those of you who are running a small business or have a dream to — there are a couple things you’re going to have to work through in order to build a solid foundation that will help support the duration of your business… without a solid foundation, the risk of your business crumbling is much higher… so even if you’re a few months in or a few years in — if you haven’t set aside time yet to intentionally work on this super important aspect of your business building journey — let’s work towards building that solid foundation so that you can have a business built on purpose!!!

it’s important to first understand the difference in vision and mission… these are two aspects of a business plan that are crucial for the success of plan you have for your business… without these two components – nothing else really matters… you could be one of the best photographers out there, but if you can’t run a business and you’re not sure why or where you’re going — at some point, being a good photographer won’t matter… your business will suffer… and we don’t want that!

VISION | is where your business wants to GO — and how you aim to get there.. your vision is future focused — it’s the what, where and how of your business… your vision is what will help you develop strategies that make sense for where you want to go. your vision can be bold — and it can scare the mess out of you… and that’s what we want! vision is always purpose-driven.

MISSION | is why you’re even a business in the first place — why your business even exists… your mission statement is present focused – unlike a vision statement that’s focused on the future of your business… your mission outlines your overall business purpose… you’re WHY. you mission is usually realistic and client focused and need focused.

and in order to thoroughly and clearly craft both of these – you’ll need to understand your core values…

CORE VALUES | these are your defining principles — deep convictions — boundaries — your non-negotiables — the things you hold in high regard…. your values will 100% dictate how you go about creating strategies, crafting and chasing after your vision, and how you tend to serve and love on your ideal clients.

so i challenge you to set aside some time to really define your vision – mission and outline a clear set of core values so that the foundation for your business will be built to last!

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