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6 reasons why you haven’t had a boudoir session

So you’ve been debating and wrestling around with the idea of doing a boudoir session?!?!!? Maybe you know a couple of girlfriends who have done them — it’s peaked your interest a little… but you’re still hesitant… 


  1. You don’t fit the ‘mold’ of a ‘boudoir girl’… 
  2. You still haven’t been able to drop down to your goal weight… 
  3. You don’t like the way your hair looks… 
  4. You aren’t married and don’t have anyone to give the photos to… 
  5. You don’t like the way you look in lingerie… 
  6. You aren’t confident… 

The list of reasons that I have heard over the years is LONG…. and before you start thinking of new ones that aren’t listed above.  

Let me stop you. 

I have photographed women with short hair – with long hair – with NO HAIR.  

I have photographed women with ‘deformities’. 

I have photographed women suffering from cancer – fighting cancer – just out of chemo/radiation/surgery due to cancer – and cancer survivors. 

I have photographed black women – white women – short women – tall women. 

I have photographed women with curves and women without. 

I have photographed women who are going through a divorce – women who are getting married – women who are single.  


I photograph women with stories… and guess what – your story is just as special..  


It’s not an excuse NOT to do boudoir… it’s the reason you SHOULD do it.


Now that we’ve made it clear that you are totally a “boudoir girl”… and that you have no valid ‘excuses’ (high five) — let’s chat about the actual experience. 


Every boudoir photographer is different — so PLEASE do your research… even if you don’t choose me as your boudoir photographer, I want this experience to be INCREDIBLE for you… I want you to be SAFE and truly enjoy yourself. So please, do your research before just hiring anyone. I value how sensitive these sessions are and so should the photographer that you hire. You should be respected and photographed respectfully. My friends at AdoreMe have amazing resources AND they sell incredibly beautiful lingerie that you could use for your boudoir session. Not only do they want you to love on yourself a little, but they value YOU and want you to feel confident in who YOU are.  




  1. Pamper yourself — get a mani/pedi — treat yourself to a girls’ day and go shopping— take a long bath and light some candles.  

You deserve it. 

  1. Select lingerie/items that you feel comfortable in – don’t force yourself to wear or buy something trendy, if it’s not something you’re comfortable in it. Even pulling out favorites from your own selection is a great idea. AND – don’t feel like your choices HAVE to be revealing. Being sexy and feeling confident doesn’t necessarily mean you have to show everything. 
  1. Embrace yourself… no matter what your story is – what color your skin is – what the scale says…. Give yourself permission to love yourself. Be gracious with yourself. You are beautiful and so deserving of self-love. You deserve better self-hate. Don’t be a bully… to yourself. 


One of my gifts as a photographer is “seeing my subject”… TRULY seeing who they are. This is such a beautiful gift to have as a boudoir photographer….. Knowing how your boudoir photographer ‘see’s you’ – is another reason why it’s important to research who you’re hiring as your photographer.  

I view women as beautiful romantic stories… each one so unique and interesting…. and beautiful.  

Once you decide that your excuses are not reasons — and you decide you want to be loved… by yourself — then decide how you want to FEEL during and after your session…. You’ll be well on your way to truly enjoying your boudoir experience. I can guarantee that you’ll walk away from your boudoir session loving yourself even more – you’ll feel confident and empowered and it’s something you won’t be able to explain. Words don’t even do these sessions justice. They’re such a gift… to ourselves – whether we have someone to share the photos with or not.

ADOREME, Sharon Elizabeth Photography

Boudoir prep sheet from AdoreMe — Go give them a follow 

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