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wedding planning: the checklist before the checklist

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, I’m sure you’re feeling #allthefeels — especially overwhelm and excitement…. There is SO much to do and time is sure to pass by quickly!!!! When you start envisioning your wedding – you’re probably thinking about your dress – the location – maybe even your photographer — you’re crossing off those wedding planning checklists…. but what about the checklist BEFORE the checklist!!?!??! kelly gish floral designs, woman's club of portsmouth

Before you even begin thinking about those big checklists you see online — here are a few things you should think about or take care of before diving in to your planning process…

1) However you feel the most motivated to stay organized, set yourself up for success… find a binder – a folder – notebook, SOMETHING… so that you can keep your thoughts – checklists – vendors information organized and all in one place. I believe Pinterest is great for inspiration, but not great for organization!

2) What season do you want to get married in!?!?!? Most couples just pick a date and that’s that — but think about the elements… do you really want to have an outdoor wedding in the middle of the day in July… in Virginia?!?! If so, WONDERFUL — but if you actually hate hot weather, your outdoor – middle of the summer wedding may not be ideal for you.

3) It’s common that one of the first things you’ll think about first — is WHERE you’ll get married…. Whether it’ll be local or a Destination wedding — BUT one thing to ALSO consider (especially if you’re close with your family/friends) when considering your wedding venue/location — is where would be the most ‘accessible’ for your Grandparents and the older guests…. Are you getting married at a huge vineyard on the top of a mountain where your guests have to walk to and from?!?!! If so, I would highly recommend considering some sort of transportation for the older folks. I’ve seen SO many times where Grandparents can’t make it due to the wedding location.

4) Remember that as soon as you begin actively planning your wedding, it’s EASY to get wrapped up IN THE PLANNING… but PLEASE – if you don’t do anything other than this one… remember that your marriage is more important than your wedding day… let it be beautiful and special, but don’t let the imperfections or the stress of the process interfere with enjoying your engagement and celebrating your new life together…. because that’s what matters most!!!

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