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two of my favorite interview questions

if you’re on my newsletter, you know that i nerd out when it comes to understanding human behavior…. i also nerd out when it comes to interviews… is it absolutely terrible that i REALLY love making other people feel wildly uncomfortable in an effort to bring us closer?!?! i really enjoy asking the tough questions to force someone into a state of vulnerability… it may be terrible, but it’s helped me land some incredible team members…. and honestly, asking those tough questions will be the way that YOU can ensure you’re hiring the right people too…. no matter how that looks for you — the right second shooter, an insanely helpful wedding or portrait assistant… or maybe even a virtual assistant!

if you’re afraid of asking the tough questions — you will run the risk of hiring the wrong person.

don’t romanticize your interviews.. you must take them seriously in order for those being interviewed to take them seriously. EVEN if you’re looking for second shooters in facebook groups — be sure you’re asking the RIGHT questions… your couples and your brand deserves that much!

in my newsletter i shared three of my must have questions during an interview, and i wanted to share two of those questions here and maybe you can consider asking them as well:

1) what sets you apart from ‘Sally” down the street? this is an important question because not only will i be able to see if this person will initiate a conversation by bad mouthing someone else (which is a BIG no no for me), but it’s a way for me to gauge how confident yet humble they will be in their own strengths.. and how that will benefit my clients and my team.

2) describe yourself in three words? i need someone on my team who is self aware… competency is one of the number one traits i look for in ANY human that i want standing next to me… workingships, relationships, friendships… and if you haven’t had any sort of self-reflection or awareness in all of your years as a human, you are simply not a good fit for me…. it’s not a ‘hard’ question to answer if you’re self aware.

i hope these tips are helpful in getting you thinking about your own interviews and what questions will be important to YOU… don’t forget to really think about WHY you want to ask certain questions…. and it will be CRUCIAL for you to have ‘guidelines’ and ‘boundaries’ set for each question!!!

if you’re interested in learning more about finding GOOD reliable folks to work alongside — i’m here for you — check out my interactive online course where i will walk you through this AND soooooo much more… to include contracts and pricing!!! much more… to include contracts and pricing!!! or simply hit reply and tell me your thoughts!!!! only THREE spots remain for 200$ off AND a free 1 hour coaching call!!! you can steal this course for less than a one-on-one coaching with me =) USE CODE blackfriday2018

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