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How am I THIS busy?!

I’m airhugging you…. I know you’re in this place because you LOVE your clients SO much that you want to show up for them… every chance you get – even if that means sacrificing your own time…. you’re in this place of wondering how your calendar filled up so quickly…. Asking yourself, how am I THIS BUSY!?!?

I see you and I’m with you friend, because I’ve been there… I’ve been so overbooked and maxed out that I wanted to throw the towel in because I didn’t know how to keep loving on my ideal clients without taking away time from my family and without putting other projects on the back burner.

Do you find yourself getting frustrated having to say NO to ideal clients because you’re already booked?!!? Are you SO busy that even if you wanted to take on more clients, you couldn’t…. because you have no more time left to give.

I don’t know about you, but at some point… between air hugging my own knees and trying to find the towel I threw… I realized I wasn’t capable of shooting SO many weddings by myself every year. I wanted more time with my family, I wanted more time for other projects I loved and I wanted a way to do all of it WHILE still saying YES to my clients.

So I built a team…. A team that made sense for my life and my business. NOW, I’m able to say YES to my clients… AND say yes to more freedom to focus on other projects I want to work on or spend time with the people I love most. My husband says he feels like he has his wife back, thanks to my team.

Can you imagine if you were able to take time off and KNOW that your clients were being loved on well?!?! You SO deserve that week or two off.

I want that for YOU… I want you to experience the JOY of being able to serve your clients well AND have some breathing room in your calendar.

I’m so excited to walk you through step by step in finding that freedom in a way that works for YOU. Whether you’re looking to love on your clients a little more by finding a rock solid and dependable second shooter OR you’re looking to scale your business with an associate photography team, I’ve got your back!

Join me as I walk you through:

– How to effectively hire and train a new team member
– Establish contracts, pricing, and questionnaires
– Build mini brands around each of your team members
– Create and outline your core values and mission

and… Find more time to focus on the things or people you love most… including yourself! AND SO MUCH MORE!

***Use code: 200OFF for $200.00 off AND a 1 hour free coaching video call!***

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