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a chapter coming to an end

our family and our businesses have gone through some major changes over the years… and i feel.. at least for the most part, that we’ve been flexible and adaptive to each of them… and so here we are… heading into another season of change — making intentional decisions that we feel called to make.



here’s a recap of some of the recent changes in the event you may have missed them:

1) we have officially handed over our photo booth company to a dear friend and fellow vendor — we’ll wait until their company makes the announcement… we stopped booking photo booth events at the beginning of this year and our friendor will be handling our one remaining photo booth event for this year!!! we are so excited about this change and while the photo booth was such an amazing addition to our business for the past 5/6 years — we are ready to say goodbye… and it makes it that much sweeter that we know it’s going to bless our friends and their clients!

2) we are officially almost sold out of our hand built farm tables and benches as well…. we have a few remaining for one final event this fall.. we will definitely be keeping a couple for ourselves… if you’re interested in grabbing the remaining tables/benches – just let me know!!!

and our final announcement (at least for now):

3) we are not renewing our studio at wharf hill lease after september 30th 2019…. this may come as a HUGE surprise to many… and i, myself, still can’t quite believe it.. but in order to continue making intentional steps towards something else we’ll be announcing soon…. this decision had to be made… SO — that brings me to my next couple of points…


** i have ONE date remaining in september for a boudoir session…. NO MORE BOUDOIR sessions will be scheduled at this time (i am NOT closing my boudoir business OR my photography business) — this is temporary, you’ll understand why in the coming months =)

** if you want studio time — NOW is the time to reserve your date/time

*** AND ***

** most of my gorgeous studio furniture is for sale….. AND my landlord is desperately wanting to keep the building set up as a studio space OR something similar…. if you’re interested — please shoot me an email at  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY


let’s just say these changes have been in the works for 8-9 months now — and over the last few months we have prayed over our decision to release the studio…. and it’s time… in order to walk the path we feel called to follow – we have to say goodbye… this studio space has brought me SO MUCH JOY and i am praying that someone else will want to move in and will continue sharing it with the community — because it is SO loved by everyone!!!

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