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How to serve more of your ideal customers

in any small business — it’s quintessential (big word thanks to my high school english teacher) for every owner to do their due diligence in understanding their market…

in understanding….

their ideal client
their pain points
their roadblocks

AND solutions they’d be interested in investing in.

one thing that you can do TODAY to understand you market better – is to simply ask them… ASK YOUR PEOPLE… you can ask them on instagram – in the stories — on facebook or in direct messaging… ask your ideal people what it is they want more of from you…. don’t be afraid to ask the source directly – it’s the BEST way to have more clarity in how to best serve your people.

the second thing you can do TODAY is to work through the following questions…

what do my clients value?
what are my clients goals?
what are my clients challenges?
what are my clients pain points?

deeply understanding the challenges – values – needs of your clients will help you craft solutions and offers that will best meed their needs, thus allowing you to better serve them.

now i believe – the ultimate challenge isn’t answering these questions i’ve asked you above — it’s actually crafting the solutions and offers that align with YOUR overall goal and mission… when you can find THAT balance — you’ve created magic!!!


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