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What happened to boudoir?

If you’ve been on my website recently – you’ve probably noticed that the ‘boudoir’ category is…. gone.

I’ve never actually identified with the word or meaning of “boudoir’… it has never been about creating erotic or sexual imagery for me.. it’s never been about a physically sensual experience. it’s never been about the lingerie and laying on the bed in a sexy way… albeit, I’ve got an insanely beautiful french bed and I love it when a woman feels sexy.

Over the years, I’ve even struggled with calling the sessions ‘boudoir’ — for many years, I even marketed them as sweet + lacey sessions but even that wasn’t in alignment with my heart.

After 8+ years of shooting ‘boudoir’…. I’m no longer a boudoir photographer… and it feels good to admit that.

The inner soul work that my clients experience during a session with me… the breakthroughs they navigate through and the self value they walk away with…. that’s what I’m chasing after. Even as a little girl, I’ve had a deep rooted desire to help women find healing… and that’s what I’ve always been focused on in every aspect of my life… in friendships, in my business, and in my photography.

I want the woman who’s tired and overwhelmed…. who puts herself last because of how much she loves those around her. I want the woman who’s everything to everyone. I want the woman who wakes up every morning and looks at herself in the mirror and doesn’t like the person who’s looking back at her… the woman who feels broken… who never feels enough, but sometimes feels like too much. The woman who can’t remember the last time she looked in the mirror and saw a friend, saw a person she loved….. and I think I speak for most women when I say… we’ve all been her.

We’ve all felt broken… hopeless… and lost…. and I just don’t believe that taking off your clothes is the way to find her…

Sure, you can get some beautiful photos and have an amazing experience… trust me, I know… not only have I been behind the camera for 12 years, over 8 of those years shooting boudoir… and I’ve even had my own boudoir session… boudoir photos can be beautiful…. but that’s not the only thing I’m after… I’m after a transformation… I’m after emotional connection… I’m after self love and emotional self expression… I’m after a woman finding her voice and standing in her own truth.

I’m after a breakthrough.

sharon elizabeth photography, boudoir

It’s hard questions and answers that come out in the form of silent tears falling down your face.

It’s nervous laughs and sweaty palms because you can’t remember the last time you loved a photo of yourself where you’re looking right back at the camera.

It’s walking away knowing that the person you see in the mirror for years to come is an ally…

You walk away with self value – self awareness – and photos that don’t have to stay hidden… because it’s never been about the lingerie anyway.

sharon elizabeth photography, boudoir

So yeh — boudoir… it’s always been so much more… it’s always been about the powerful transformation that these women get to experience…. so I’m excited to finally introduce Soul Sessions… portraits for the courageously vulnerable woman. You don’t have to wear a cardigan and a dress that covers your ankles, but you also don’t need to be completely exposed and unafraid to share your experience with others.

There’s a sense of absolute power and freedom that comes with exposing yourself without actually ‘exposing’ yourself. There’s power in finally seeing yourself and accepting ‘her’.


1) So what do we wear for this type of session?

Think feminine/comfortable lounge wear, beautiful gowns, or britches and a top. This is less about what you’re wearing and more about you experiencing transformation.  So you can show up in a gown, in lounge wear, or ripped jeans… as long as you’re showing up courageously and vulnerably, you’ll walk away changed. 

2) Is hair and makeup still included?

Absolutely. I’ve been working with professional stylists since 2011 and they’re an integral part of my experience and process. 

3) Where will my session take place?

Your session can take place indoors in my in-home OBX studio or we can shoot on location. Travel fees may apply.

4) What’s the difference in ‘boudoir’ and this type of session?

This is not the type session that will focus on lingerie or sexy poses like ‘boudoir’ is typically known for and it’s not a way for you to experience a new sexual side of yourself. I have some insanely talented friends I can refer you to if that’s what you’re looking for. I am no longer shooting the traditional boudoir poses on my gorgeous french bed. This is about you emotionally connecting with yourself and being transformed from the inside out. Imagine if a good heartfelt counseling session included a beautiful portrait session — that’s what you can expect!

5) Can I bring a friend?

You can absolutely bring a friend and make it a girl’s day. In fact, while you’re having your session, your friend could add on professional hair/makeup for herself and then you two could go out and have the best time together! Due to the nature of conversations that we’ll have during your session though, I prefer for your session to remain private – this will allow you to fully take part in the experience and to show up wholeheartedly!

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