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Covid-19 and Weddings

You’ve probably heard and seen a lot of heartfelt messages from small business owners across the county about how COVID-19 has and is affecting their businesses… while I, too, am being affected by the pandemic, my heart hasn’t stopped aching for my couples and all of the couples across the world as they try to navigate through difficult decisions regarding their weddings.

I can imagine that if I were a bride with a wedding during this time, I would just want to be heard and seen… I’d want to be able to share my thoughts on how I was feeling… so I wanted to give our Spring and early Summer couples the opportunity to share some of their thoughts on everything and the videos that some of them sent in were just…… well, see for yourself.

And a handful of local Hampton Roads vendors put together some encouragement for couples dealing with COVID-19!!! Special thanks to Dominic of DreamClip Films for putting this vendor video together!!

  1. […] of you may remember kelsey + billy from a video I shared in April of last year. They were one of our SEP couples that shared what it was like planning (and replanning) a wedding […]

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