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Episode 28 | Four Generations

Four Generations

In today’s episode, I have my mumma, grandma and daughter gathered together in the living room for a little heart to heart!!!

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Before you head below to listen – keep in mind that my grandma has alzheimer’s disease and is quickly declining… and while she may not answer the questions ‘appropriately’ – she still has so much wisdom and this episode will hands down be one of my favorite ones I’ll ever record… asking questions and what a beautiful way to connect and cultivate deeper connections with the ones you love most!

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“A safe space for all. Open up and discuss real and raw topics with a graceful, purposeful, and meaningful conversation. Sharon’s integrity is obvious and her compassion for others is deeply rooted. A faithful woman following the Lord’s calling and using her gifts – providing room and space for others to share their stories in this way WILL CHANGE LIVES. Give her a listen for a dose of truth, love, and growth all in one episode!” – Amanda

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