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Episode 35 | A peek inside our yearly team retreat

A peak inside our yearly team retreat

Hosting a yearly retreat has been important to me since beginning my associate program a decade or so ago! Not only do we meet up every year to spend time together outside of ‘work’…. but we also have yearly training days… in which we go through all things photography – from lighting to the fundamentals and we go through each part of the wedding day and work on posing and other fun things!

In today’s episode, you’ll get a little peek inside what we did at this year’s team retreat! If you are a photographer and have been toying around with the idea of bringing on a team (even if it’s just one team member) – feel free to reach out to me! I believe the more heart we can bring together, the more we can serve our clients AND the more clients we can serve!

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Here’s a glance at this episode…

[2:18] All the reasons why I love having an Associate Team.

[3:31] The biggest difference between your dreams and your goals..

[5:10] How we tested our teamwork.

[6:05] We enjoyed the absolute best Airbnb experience!

[7:10] Find out what service we have added on for our sweet clients. 

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“Sharon is an amazing person inside and out! She’s always given the best advice – she had some deep experiences in life.. And her joy and faith are inspiring!! I was so excited when we first started talking about her doing a podcast – and y’all I can’t even.. her words – her stories – her faith.. Brings so many people so much joy and honestly makes me want to have a faith like hers!!! I thank God every day for her!! – Emily

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