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Episode 43 | Q + A with Miss Ava

Q + A with Miss Ava

today’s episode is a little something fun.. it’s spring break so I thought this would be a fun week to bring Miss Ava on the podcast for a little Q + A. you won’t want to miss the questions she came up with…

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Here’s a glance at this episode…

 [1:27] what is your favorite thing about yourself?

[2:19] what is your favorite food?

[3:08] if you could be anything in the world..

[5:28] do you want to get married one day?

[8:10] what is one thing you love about living at the beach?

[10:14] what is one thing you would change about the world?

[10:44] what is your biggest fear?

[12:16] what is your favorite thing to do together?

[12:39] what is your favorite word?

[14:00] is there anything you would change about yourself..

[15:50] who is your favorite musician?

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