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dear me | online community for women

the dear me community….. an online community for women. a safe place to be heard, to be seen — and a safe place to open up and be vulnerable. the idea for this community was built from a place of not only wanting a safe place for MYSELF but from a deep desire to impact other women — AND — for other women to realize the impact that THEY TOO can have on others.

our stories matter — YOUR story matters…

i strongly believe that the things we experience give us a beautiful opportunity to be there for someone else beginning their journey through a similar experience. it’s such a gift to be able to inspire, encourage and impact each other….. and that’s what this community is all about.

-we’ll have monthly topics — topics that we’ll dig deep into… surpassing the surface level of normal conversation and truly connecting with one another in an effort to navigate through our own journeys and inspire others in theirs.

-we’ll have monthly video chats — chats that will allow all of us to see one another and gain insight from women who have ample life experience on the specific topic.

-we’ll have challenges and reflection worksheets throughout each month — worksheets that will guide us in our journey… no matter how that looks.

while i will be openly discussing my own christian beliefs, this community is welcome to women from all walks of life and for women of all ages… this group is NOT just for photographers!

the only thing that’s required to be a part of this 12 month online community…. is that you’re open to being vulnerable and have a deep desire for being inspired AND for inspiring!

i hope you’ll join me! be sure to send me an email at or by using the contact form on the website to shoot me an email!!! now until 1/25/19 — you can lock in your monthly membership for only 19.00 — afterwards the monthly fee will be 29.00!!! with your membership you’ll also receive exclusive boudoir and beauty session discounts as well!



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