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Fun fact…..

Did you know that I actually have a minor in Law and was a member of an International Law Fraternity–Phi Alpha Delta– I’m not quite cool enough to be a part of a sorority but I’m totally nerdy enough and a tomboy to be a part of this Frat Hahaha!

I would definitely say that I’m multi-passionate…. I love coaching/teaching, I get fired up about legal matters and even wanted to pursue Law School – and I have a heart for psychology and counseling (which just so happens to be what my B.A. degree is in)….

My multi – passionate heart definitely shines its pretty little face in my business as well…. I have SO MANY THINGS I LOVE….



Women’s beauty

My team

Women empowerment

My studio space

Private Editing

Coaching other photographers and entrepreneurs

Andddd so much more… like our hand built farm table and bench rental company — Back Porch Rentals... all the feels!

So when it came time for Krista + Davey to redesign my site… I had to find a way to showcase all of my passions…. I’ve even considered changing my domain to just www dot sharonelizabeth dot com – buttttt it’s not available!!!

One of the brand new aspects of my website and business is my online shop !!! For years, I’ve looked at other pros and wondered how the heck they were able to have an online shop – the tech side of it has definitely been a roadblock for me but my desire to offer creatives helpful resources finally grew larger than my fear of actually learning the tech! AHH!

So if you’re a wedding pro or a portrait pro – I’ve got some great resources in my shop that I’d love for you to go check out…

Resources like…

Wedding Photography Contract

Portrait Photography Contract

Email templates for the tough questions

Email templates for the new client

New client questionnaire

The BIG wedding day questionnaire

Use code SE10 to get 10% off your order — but don’t wait there are only a limited number of uses!!!

And if there’s something you WANT in the shop that’s not there, I’d love to hear from you – feel free to shoot me an email at OR use the contact form here on the site to shoot me a message.

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