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when people ask me — “why did you start doing photography?” or “why do you love photography so much?!” it truly makes me think and wonder what answer I should give! there are SO many reasons and answers to that question.. if you read my past blog on my how”  then you will just scratch the surface of my why… when I look at photographs of my family growing — I am constantly reminded of my why!

why do I love capturing our couples wedding day…. but even more, their life and journey to follow? why do I shoot weddings.. maternities.. newborns.. milestones.. and families? BECAUSE — the truth is — those are the things I NEVER thought I would have…. they’re the things I cherish so much.

growing up in a divorced home.. I longed to have a husband one day.. but I was TERRIFIED that I would end up like most of the marriages in my family…. divorced…. my grandparents gave me so much hope in that I would one day find the one I would grow old with- because they did… they were the only ones who did!

so I meet my husband.. my soul mate — my rock — my everything… and when I met him I just knew this was forever.. I had a deep knowing. he wasn’t like most guys around the small town we grew up in.. he took my heart and ran with it. we both wanted nothing more than to become a family… to have our own family — both of us combined have 16 nieces and nephews — and building our own family has always been so important to us…. but i was told that i wasn’t “able to have kids” ( Infertility blog) and we’d unknowingly have a long road ahead….

you see I don’t love just photographing a wedding – I love photographing a couple who are dreaming of their life together.

and I don’t love just photographing a maternity session – I love photographing a mom who may be in awe of the fact she’s even pregnant in the first place.

I don’t love just photographing a newborn – I love photographing the baby that gave his/her parents a new hope.

I became so passionate about photography when I didn’t have the ‘things’ I cherished most… and found joy in capturing those ‘things’ for other people.


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