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Episode 40 | Playing small

Playing small

Today I am recapping a recent conversation with a friend about what it looks like to play small, what tendencies we have or share, and what it could look like if we stopped playing it safe and finally stepped out on the stage. If you’re questioning whether you’re good enough.. smart enough.. or anything enough.. you’re everything you need to be.  

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Here’s a glance at this episode…

 [1:20] how playing it small can look different for everyone

[2:36] some of the things I bet we have all asked ourselves

[3:39] how we all deserve to live

[4:37] a different perspective on “bloom where you’ve been planted”

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“Sharon is an amazing person inside and out! She’s always given the best advice – she had some deep experiences in life.. And her joy and faith are inspiring!! I was so excited when we first started talking about her doing a podcast – and y’all I can’t even.. her words – her stories – her faith.. Brings so many people so much joy and honestly makes me want to have a faith like hers!!! I thank God every day for her!!” – Emily 

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