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Episode 41 | but God

but God…

Today’s heart to heart is with my sweet friend Dahlia Orth… we are already chatting about when she’ll be back on the podcast for another conversation…  Dahlia is an online business manager for creatives, she used to work full time in ministry before going full time in her business… and as you’ll see in today’s episode… you can get through hard things and remain faithful.… I can’t wait for you to hear some of her story…

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Here’s a glance at this episode…

 [2:28] “you can get through really hard things and remain faithful”

[2:58] get to know Dahlia

[8:22] “what does life look like now”

[12:26] the moments when God radically shows up 

[14:56] “sometimes a decision isn’t good or bad.. it just is a decision”

[20:03] “I don’t feel like…”

[23:37] what does prayer life look like?

[30:42] “but how can God use me in this way with this condition”

[42:34] you have to go through the hard things to see the mountaintop view

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